About me

Darren Chandler a.k.a. SittingGiant

Darren Chandler

Media designer

Whilst at Sheffield university studying for a design degree, a young German woman came up to me whilst I was sat on a rather tall stool next to my drawing desk. As she was about to introduce herself I got down from the aforementioned stool as a gesture of politeness. She was then surprised somewhat to have to change her gaze that rested a few inches above my head and lower them so that she could make eye contact. My long torso to a short leg ratio of my body caught her by surprise! However this apparently is not too uncommon in Germany, in fact they have a name for it which I’ve since forgotten. An approximate translation is ‘sittinggiant’ and so ‘simply, sat down I look a bit taller than I actually am’

I have been told by a number of people that I have a creative flair and a perfectionist streak. I believe the combination of these qualities enables me to produce a printed product that’ll satisfy your expectations. That said, the end product is not the sole objective of my work. I hope to establish a good professional yet friendly relationship with my customers which I hope makes a big difference to the experience of working with me. A good relationship will build confidence, allow greater freedom and basis for constructive discussion and will benefit both parties by being an overall enjoyable experience working together.  Finally, just to make the point that I’m a one-man-band, not part of a big agency where there are inevitable pressures to ‘just get the job done’. I therefore can invest my energies in working for you and not my boss! So if you are looking for a graphic designer who’s fees are very competitive and can produce satisfying work in a friendly and approachable manner then please get in touch.

Not only am I a ‘sitting giant’ but I’m also a married father of two currently based in Gloucester. I’ve always been creative, yet have a keen interest in things technical too which I put to good use. You only need to look at my rather eclectic mix of A-levels (physics, biology and art) to see how varied my interests are.

I suppose that creative streak is why I’ve always had an interest in design (and photography), and why in recent years I’ve pursued these disciplines with greater focus (excuse the pun!). For the majority of my time since university I have worked as a web designer/developer. Web work is no longer my major source of income due to the fact that around five years ago I left full-time employment to undertake theological study. Although still web savvy and able to do a bit more than dabble, I’ve chosen to release the inner creative beast to feast a bit more on graphic design and photography!